Dichotomies are Dumbing Us Down as They Drive Us Apart

Why multiple perspectives, identities, and stories are worth fighting for

A Clash Between Two Certainties

We either want to get rid of faith or doubt, yet “we learn from both.”

We are losing the emphasis on multiplicity.

There is no single issue that will right the world.

We must listen to each other’s experience.

Begin with two Ls: language and listening.

Members of democracies have rights AND duties.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Too much exclusive emphasis on data.

Information is not knowledge is not wisdom.

Authoritarian regimes require a collective identity that erases individuality.

Don’t be afraid to look back.

Writer and Collaborator-in-Chief of https://www.14wordsforlove.com where small acts of writing, art and conversation create multicultural connections for good.

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